Mid September at the plot.

Having had rather a long absence from the plot, (apart from half hour spurts of picking and watering) mainly due to the wet weather and other inconveniences, the sunshine called to me today and off I trotted.

The tomatoes are still doing well. I’m hoping for a long Indian summer to ripen them all.

A moments break allowed me to capture the mood of the allotment, can you tell that Autumn is fast approaching. Leaves are changing in both texture and colour, the once vibrant, ‘come and get me’ luscious greens are slowly fading, some are dying whilst others will give us their magnificent show of rich russets and golds before returning from where they came.

Haricot beans left on the plant to dry, when the pods have turned yellow, I will dry them further to store them and then use them in a deeply warming cassoulet. A perfect dish left to bubble gently in the oven for hours whilst your enjoying outdoor winter pursuits.

Surprisingly our runner beans are still flowering and forming beans. I am very surprised at this as our beans were one of the first to fruit on the plots and I took this to mean that ours would be the first to finish. It must be all that muck I dug into their trenches.

Parsnips are doing well, as are the leeks which you can just see. These will be the mainstay of winter dishes for the next few months… Along with these…..

Brussel Sprouts. Although the plants themselves look a little sad and on some of the plants the buttons haven’t formed as well as I would have liked, there are plenty of plants that look as good as this. This is a much better performance by mandycharlie than last year.

We cropped carrots, I weeded the parsnips and beetroots, we dug out the weeds where the carrots were. I want to move the strawberry bed completely which will take quite alot of effort but needs to be done as the mares tail, no matter how quickly we hoe, always takes over and it needs digging out, and then digging out again and again and again as the roots are thin and brown and travel a very, very long way into the earth, too far to be able to satisfactorily remove them in one go.

There is much to be done to make sure the plot is tidy and dug over before winter.

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