Oooh my aching back.

I’ve been up the plot every day this week, mainly digging. Today I dug for about 10 minutes and thought.. Nooo.. there has got to be something less harsh on my muscles to do today. So I cut out the dead canes of the raspberries and tied them in. This little job seemed to go on for about an hour and I’m not sure if it was any less harsh on me.

Earlier today I had nipped into town as my darling son no.2 had guzzled the last of the milk, not even enough for a cup of tea! Whilst there I bought Japanese onions, shallots and garlic to plant. I’m hoping to have dug enough to get them into the ground this weekend. One of those chickens that must have their own private gym was reduced from nearly £15.00 to…. drum roll… £2.35. This was quickly removed from the shelf and landed in my trolley.

So tonights dinner comprises of this…

The first of the parsnips and brussel sprouts, the last but one dustbins worth of potatoes, along with our own carrots and runner beans.

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