Sometimes a glimpse of sunshine breaks through.

I took myself to the plot yesterday afternoon, grumbling along as I do. I picked veg for supper and met up with a lovely lady, drank lemonade in the blustery becoming colder by the second wind and we generally put the world to rights.

Homeward bound, I was called over by plot no.1 with a cheery, “I’ve been waiting for you”.. “oooh have you” (Haven’t had an offer like that for years!!) and presented me with these….

Actually this photo is a mixture of two gifts, the red apples were given to me on Sunday, by a very generous lady.

The gentleman on plot no.1 and I had chatted as I’d just finished a blackberry run on Sunday and I’d commented that I’d love some apples. So, he asked plot no.3 who has a big Bramley tree and plot no.3 then poked his tree with a big stick, to get the last of the bramleys at the top of the tree, just for Me! And gave them to plot no.1…. Who had then waited for me to finish at my plot to catch me. It was well past half six when I decided to go home. Isn’t that a lovely story and restores my faith in basic human kindness.

And just because I am Very Proud of my hard work. Here is a picture of my raspberry canes all tidy for winter. Seriously, I am really proud of them..

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