Whenever I make kedgeree I think to myself why don’t I make that more often. I think the reason has been that we simply haven’t had a decent fishmongers where we live for a very long time. The man at the market gets my attention in autumn for goods such as mussels and spanking fresh cod and I then forget about smoked haddocks interesting flavours.

I first made kedgeree when I was about 9 or 10. My school had a kitchen to teach in and was determined to make full use of such a wonderful resource. I also remember making shepherds pie with ‘smash’ as the topping, french onion soup, bread, butter!, lemonade, and I’m sure there were other treats that I’ve long since forgotten, but Kedgeree was one of my favourites.

So when hubby bought home some smoked haddock that he had fully intended to have for his breakfast with a couple of poached eggs. He did say he was going to share.. And the minestrone I was going to cook was still at the chicken stock stage, I suggested kedgeree, to which he agreed, although there was one or two squeaks about breakfast. What he hadn’t told me, which I was to find out, is that he had bought Two very large fillets for breakfast… (I think the boy must have been hungry when he went shopping!) which was far too much. So his breakfast is quite safe.

For this, and you know I never really measure anything unless its for the alchemy of cakes, there was..

1 large undyed, smoked haddock fillet.
4 eggs
4 0z basmati white rice.
2 medium onions
oil for frying onions
milk for poaching haddock
2 very full tsp of curry paste
3 handfuls of frozen peas
chicken stock, enough to cover the rice.
and there would have been parsley, finely chopped, but I left it down the plot.. So you’ll have to imagine that bit.

Serves two greedy people for dinner, you could probably make it stretch further for lunch.

Slice and then gently fry your onions, until they are brown and sticky, whilst at the same time, gently poaching your haddock until it is just cooked. Don’t forget to put your eggs on for an eight minute simmer. When your haddock is cooked, take it out of the milk, let it cool and then skin and take the bones out and flake it into nice big chunks.

When your onions are brown add your curry paste, and cook that for 30 seconds, then add your rice, stir that around a bit and add your stock. You can use chicken or vegetable stock, you can use a cube and you could even use water, this dish has so much flavour. Clamp a lid on and put it on a low heat for ten minutes. Then just take it off the heat, don’t look at it… just leave it to rest whilst the residual heat does its work and the rice absorbs all the liquid. After five minutes you can look, by this time you will have shelled the eggs and chopped them up along with nuking the frozen peas for a couple of minutes. Add the haddock, eggs and peas to the rice, give a gentle stir, check for seasoning, but with the smoky salty fish I don’t think you need any and serve to a very grateful husband whose comments on most of my food are in the Nice, Tasty range but this was Excellent!

At the end you could add finely chopped parsley and a couple of knobs of butter to gently melt into it and a wedge of lemon to serve it with. Its not essential and we did not miss out by not having them.

One thought on “Kedgeree

  1. Mary says:

    okay, get ready to fall over… I already knew this one! The thing I like best about it is that the prep work can be done in small bits throughout the day and then just all thrown together in the final ten minutes before plates o’clock.


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