When life sends you lemons

you make cake.

‘We’ were meant to be spending some quality time together, the office had other ideas. ‘nough said.

So bitterly disappointed and quite upset really I needed something filled with carbohydrate, sugar, fat and chocolate and I could not be bothered to stomp up to the town.

So I threw (have you noticed the expressive words I am currently using…) butter, sugar, self raising flour (without sifting!) eggs and coco powder into a bowl and mixed. Decided that the globules of butter that hadn’t incorporated wouldn’t be that important. Added 100g of chopped up chocolate, decided that wouldn’t be enough, threw in the rest of the bar. Then added 100 g of glace cherries, decided I might as well finish the tub.

By this time the oven had heated up nicely and I threw them in the oven. Well actually I tried to carefully place them in the oven but I have photographic evidence that even though my mind was saying, ‘carefully does it’, my sub conscious was obviously still in F… it mode.

What amuses me is that it didn’t leak!

Cake before cooking, there was a moments hesitation as to whether I should cook or just eat the mix raw.

The finished product. I’ve eaten three, (well four if you count the two stuck together!)

I feel sick.

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