“We have the technology…

We can rebuild her.”

The operation was a complete success. Zapped and ready for Christmas action, well, I will be tomorrow.

That was five days of my life I’d rather not repeat too often. I’ll tell you the scariest part was when my heart was converting the flutter 1 to 1, which meant rather than being on the receiving end of a 130 heart beat I was up to the 250 beats per min range. Which was very, very scary and to be honest there was a couple of times that I thought… “Oops, definitely over egged it this time” Fortunately this only happened about four times and only for twenty to thirty seconds, but always in public although fortunately a hospital waiting room.

You know your never going to change when….. You can joke with your anaesthetist and male nurse whilst laying flat out on an operating table, with barely your modesty showing, bald as a coot, blind as a bat (because your specs have been taken) deep in Atrial Flutter. They appeared stunned for just a second as in a ‘did she really say that’, then giggled like hell.

Revision was required (something to do with health and safety) on how to inject anticoagulants subcutaneously – the satsuma never stood a chance, I was allowed home. One four hour snooze later I’m almost feeling normal. *evil grin*

5 thoughts on ““We have the technology…

  1. Mary says:

    Can they drive? If so, I’ll train them. I’ll even pay them. And fire them if they do a rubbish job. I could do with getting the practice in before hiring and training my actual official PA (unfortunately for the lads, that has to be a female).Butlers or no, I hope you and your family have a fantastic Christmas.


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