Random Letters.

I’ve been given a random letter, thanks go to Linda My Letter is K and the idea is to blog about ten things you love beginning with your random letter. Here goes…

1. Kids.

Mine of course, other peoples are often quite obnoxious. I love my boys, I love that they are sometimes hard work, that they are not beige, that they have formed characters of there own. That they are free thinkers, that we argue about various issues, that they are willing to work hard to prove a point. And also that they are gentle and caring boys who will one day make fine men.

2. Kenilworth

There is a saying about these parts, its not a definite saying but it all runs along the same theme. Outsiders on marrying a Kenilworthian may be heard to mutter, “you can’t get them to move out of Kenilworth”. Its my home, I love it, I come from one of the oldest families which is well known and well respected. When I am away I miss it.

3. Knitting.

Need I say more, I know I haven’t been knitting for very long in the scheme off things but I love it. There is a part of me that bitterly regrets that I didn’t pick up this wonderful hobby sooner and I am deeply sad that I have missed out on all those knitting years. But on the other hand I am very grateful that I did take it up when there are so many wondrous yarns to choose from.

There are just so many aspects of knitting that I deeply love, from picking a pattern which can take months to choosing yarn. I am a very bad sleeper, I very rarely sleep through the night and knitting has been a good companion to me in the early hours when its too cold to get out of bed. I lie cosy in my bed and think about patterns that I would like to knit, what yarns and colours I would choose and how I might change a pattern. There are patterns that I think deeply about, Bayerische for example and I allow my imagination to work through them and slowly I am gaining confidence to start on such a pattern. I think about the warmth of wool and how life giving it is to cold and stiff joints, how soothing a woolly hot water bottle is and how wonderful a nice bright, thick and woolly blanket might be. How the right woolly hat can give a girl confidence and how colourful socks can brighten the day. I dream about future knitting and what I would love to knit, if I am lucky enough to be blessed with grandchildren..

I love knitting.

4. Know How

To define it, ‘The knowledge and skill required to do something correctly’.

I love that the Internet has opened so many doors to so many people including myself so that we can learn skills and know how.

I’ve always had the ability to find out what I wish to know to a level of knowledge that satisfies me. In other words I might not be able to lecturer about dog behaviour, but from reading many books I am able to read there language and am able to put over through body language what I require of them. I love that my husband has a very high level of know how and if he doesn’t know he will find out. I love that my boys are learning that know how and knowledge is a very powerful tool and are learning how to acquire the knowledge they need.

5. K9’s

Since I could walk I have had the very worrying habit of approaching all dogs, some of which were bigger than me to say hello. I always seemed to ignore the bit about having to ask first and would wander over without a care in the world. At the age of 8 I could correctly identify most of the breeds in the country. We never had a dog, my nan did though and I used to walk her dog (she had various dogs, all rescue, before rescue was fashionable) through out the year up and around the Abbey Fields, then through to the long walks around the back of the Castle. No matter how much I begged we never had a dog at home. Over the years I identified my one true love which was the Golden Retriever and when my boys were old enough so that they would be able to handle a bigger dog that wish became a reality. I will always have a dog in my life. They give me comfort and really do make great hot water bottles. I do believe you can tell the merit of a person by their dog, if you look at the dogs behaviour around that person you can see what there true colours are.

When Charlie was about 9 months old I had hurt my back triggered from an old injury that was playing up. I was in the bedroom and collapsed onto the floor, I was on my own in the house, the boys were at school. I managed to get to the bed but couldn’t find the strength because of the pain to get my arms and upper torso onto the bed. Charlie was with me, he squeezed himself into the small triangle between myself, the bed and the floor and pushed against me, which raised me up and I was then able to pull myself onto the bed. How did that dog know what I needed? But he did.

6. Kestrels

All British birds really. I love Kestrels and Hawks and I have been lucky enough to have seen Ospreys in the wild. I love watching birds hunt, I love how sharp and keen they become. Every fibre of there being is concentrated on catching supper which is how it should be. There beauty is undefinable.

7. Karats
(may be an American spelling)

You know what they say, Diamonds are a girls best friend. I love my diamonds, I don’t have enough of them but the few I have are treasured possessions and they make me smile when I look at them.

8. Kaleidoscopes

What list on K’s would be complete without Kaleidoscopes. I loved them as a child. I would spend hours gazing at the brightly coloured moving jewels.

9. Kneading
I love kneading bread, I love the feel of the bread coming to life underneath your hands. How the yeast, flour and water work together to form a warm and springy dough.

10. Kisses.

I love kisses. Silly sloppy kisses and baby kisses and puppy kisses and passionate take your breath away type kisses.

And I know I’ve had my ten, but there are Kittens and Kites and not forgetting Kitchener stitch!

Who wants a letter?

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