It must be nearly Easter.

Well our hens think so.

The first egg of the year.

I remember the first year we kept chickens I learnt such a simple truth that it made me laugh heartily. One of the reasons that eggs must be a symbol of Easter (and I know there are religious reasons too) is that chickens are in full lay, we were inundated with Easter eggs that year, all hens were laying one egg a day and as we had various breeds of hens which lay different coloured eggs, it was very pretty. I’m not sure if we will repeat that this year as our ladies are so much older these days and although they lay well, they don’t lay every day.

And we have another signal that Easter is upon us.

Our Easter cacti have come into flower and are looking rather pretty. I am always surprised just how well my Easter cacti do, as to be absolutely frank they are terribly neglected once they stop flowering. I barely remember to give them a drink all winter, yet somehow, they always survive.

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