The road to recovery starts here.

I was released from hospital yesterday, when I say released, I mean to say I told my consultant (and any hospital staff that came into my room!) I was coming home. I have two main theories about when its time to go home from hospital, firstly when the hospital bed starts to feel uncomfortable its time to come home and secondly when the good drugs stop its time too. Actually they gave me a goodly supply of the good drugs but as I hate taking them and they make me feel giddy/dizzy/lightheaded and nauseous it has been good to be in control and not take them for the last 24 hours. I’m just taking the paracetamol/ibuprofen combo now.

The most excellent news is both of my ovaries have been saved.

I’ve eaten Four, yes Four slices of toast and marmite this morning, having stopped the drugs my appetite has found its way home, this is the largest meal I’ve eaten in days. And now I’m going back to bed to lie down. I expect the next few days will be a pattern of tea drinking, pain killers, sleep and meals along with little trots around the house to moan about things.. Well you need to keep the risk of a DVT to a minimum…

I’ve got stories to tell and when I feel just a little bit more energetic I shall regail you with the story of The Lift, look out for it, its going to be a thrilling installment.

Thank you for all your good wishes.

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