Mothering Sunday.

After recovering from a bad night by having breakfast followed by another three hour nap I was ready to face the world. I was greeted with flowers, cards, chocolates and a rather pretty teddy bear from here on known as Theodora, along with the promise of another gift which is to come when I’m feeling better from son no.1

Hubby was chivvying me on in a rather gentle manner as I had said I wished to get up the plot to put some seeds in pots. March is such a busy time of year and those that have read my blog will realise just how much its playing on my mind at the moment.

So having secured son no.1 at plot no.2 (its all getting rather complicated with this numbering system isn’t it?) with the mower and some gardening tools hubby came back to collect me. And drove me all the way up the hill to plot no.1.

And the first thing I saw was this.

Its a Morello Cherry Tree grafted onto Giselle 5 root stock shaped into a fan. Its self fertile, Morello’s are mainly a cooking cherry although apparently when they are very ripe they can be eaten fresh from the fruit bowl. The beauty of them is that they can be grown on a north wall and as this is a wall that faces East we should have no problems.

As with all Cherry Tree’s unless your very agile and like to climb to great heights to pick your fruit, you must buy a dwarf root stock.

I’d been ooohing and aaahing over Cherry tree’s for most of the winter, I love it and it is the most perfect of presents.

And then I settled into my normal springtime position in the shed which consists of everything I need to hand whilst wearing five layers of clothes, filling pots and placing seeds in them. Happy as Larry I was. But soon I became creaky and miserable so was ordered and taken home.

I took a quick shot of my greenhouse, you can see that it is slowly filling up.

and just before I left hubby picked me some purple sprouting to go with the roast beef and home grown parsnips and leeks he is cooking for supper tonight.

4 thoughts on “Mothering Sunday.

  1. amelia says:

    I miss purple sprouting so much and spring greens! I don’t know why we can’t get them here, in Canada but I’ve never seen them in all my years here!!I wonder if it’s legal to bring the seed into the country?


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