A view of plot 1 (picture heavy)

I cannot explain to you just how happy my heart is to see our plot so productive this year.

It gives me great pride to see my greenhouse bursting at the seams, its been a tough few months but I did it. (with alot of help with the watering from hubby) There are peas, sweet peas, cabbages (summer, winter, savoy, white and red) , brussel sprouts, (early, mid season and lates) purple sprouting, black kale, lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, various squashes and pumpkins, runner beans (3 varieties) borlotti beans, haricot beans, sweetcorn, leeks, ( 3 varieties) marigolds, chilli’s, basil, flat leaf parsley, coriander, chives and no doubt other treasures that I have simply forgotten about.

as space becomes available because hubby has planted our crops, I quickly fill it. (mainly with peas, but what can I say, I love peas)

A very nice looking strawberry bed starting to flower. We moved this bed in the autumn and it seems to be recovering nicely. Along with a row of lettuce, there are celery and other herbs in the foreground.

Hubby planted various brassicas for me, there are lots more to plant.

I do like that he has developed a new way to stop the mesh from sagging onto the plants this year with the addition of bamboo canes. Very Clever!

The shallots are doing nicely.

two varieties of Japanese onions, one of which is just fine and the other has not done well at all. I must make a note of that for next year.

peas, I love peas. (I may have mentioned that before!) Two rows already in and thriving. The old boys on the plot are always very suprised that I have my peas in so early and even more suprised when I show them the bag full I have collected in early June. I think I’m one of the very few that brings them on in the greenhouse first. The plants beside them are globe artichokes, which I raised from seed last year, hopefully they will fruit this year.

Parsnips have germinated well this year.

Carrots on the other hand, haven’t. This problem seems to be widespread on the plots, so just as soon as we have had a drop of rain, I shall sprinkle a few extra seeds into the rows. Radishes look good, although the flea beetle decimates there leaves so we can’t use them for salads and you can just see on the far right the beetroot which looks fine.

more onions, these are the main crop onions which will (hopefully) store well over the winter. (they need a little bit of a hand weed)

Spuds, these are first and second earlies, there are some maincrop on plot 2.

just a quick shot of the plot taken from amidst the raspberries and blackcurrants.

And even with all of these photographs there are lots of treasures I’ve missed out, to be discovered at another time.

Plot 2 just has a few rows of spuds in at the moment, but there is plenty in the greenhouse to fill it up and the preparation of the soil is almost done.

And no, I haven’t done any digging or for that matter planting, although I might try a little light work with a hoe this week.

2 thoughts on “A view of plot 1 (picture heavy)

  1. Julie says:

    I think one word sums up my thoughts as I was reading through your post… Yum! :)It looks like you’re going to have a good and tasty harvest there!


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