Socks, socks and more socks.

I may have to confess (although regular blog readers may have guessed some time ago) that I am deeply addicted to socks. This addiction seems to have increased greatly since I stopped knitting socks for others and am only knitting socks for myself.

You see I like the process of sock knitting, the choosing of the yarn, Oh the choice, that would be a whole blog post in itself. The more I look at indie dyers the more choice I find. Its got to the stage and I may have to whisper this, that I’m even thinking of hand washing my socks, Just to increase my choice of sock yarn..

Then there is the cast on with a number much less than one hundred (and sometimes not much more than fifty) so my brain doesn’t become befuddled, I don’t have to ask a hubby/child/the cat to check my number of stitches or am most likely to be found making little stitch markers out of spare yarn as an aid to my counting abilities. The choice of rib beckons, shall I knit k1,p1 or k2,p2, or K3,p1. Shall I twist the stitch or not…

Is this a pair that I have spent hours searching for just the right pattern, and there are some wonderful patterns out there. Or is it a nice plain pair that can be taken with me anywhere, which has a lovely charm within itself.

I love the heel and whether the pattern will take me in a direction I have never been before or will it be my favourite heel that fits me so perfectly. Then once the heel is turned the race towards the toe, I even love kitchener stitch. I love it all and I love it even more when I slide that finished sock onto My foot.

I try to cast on (or complete) other projects but as soon as I finish a pair of socks, whether it be plain or patterned, there is this automatic pre programmed response that finds me casting on for another pair, pattern firmly grasped in my hand, whilst I’m gently getting high on the sock yarn fumes. (to increase this effect you need to sniff the yarn, although perhaps that should be done privately, coffee shop customers have been known to raise an eyebrow or two at this sort of behaviour, although I haven’t been banned from anywhere – yet!)

Today for your pleasure I have three pairs, firstly we have stripey socks. They are very stripey and I like the colours very much, I made my mum a pair of these for Christmas. Which could be a bit odd if we happen to wear the same socks when we meet for coffee. We could be part of a secret society or underground stripy socks network, people that meet on street corners dressed in dark rain macs, wearing stripey socks to identify each other and exchanging sock yarn in brown paper bags, then to be seen rushing off to cast on. (but then again, I’m describing Ravelry aren’t I?!)

I have found something very special in these socks.

They match Perfectly. I normally have a slight difference between socks, they are hand knit after all, so by the time I’m down to the toe my knitting tension has changed somewhere, (either that or a teenager has driven me to distraction and rather than ring Dr Barnados I have taken it out on a sock) but this time, I have perfection.

Note the heels

and the other side.

and even the toes.

and what is this mysterious yarn that has worked its magic charms so wonderfully I hear you cry. I have no idea. I lost the ball band sometime ago. Normality returned!

The next pair also have hidden charms, but in a much more subtle way. They do match quite well though. (I must be improving on this sock knitting lark)

These are Austermenn Step in colourway 55. Austermenn Step is treated with jojoba and aloe vera and this makes the yarn wonderfully soft to knit with and gives your hands a conditioning treatment whilst you knit. It also remains in the yarn for forty washes, which will be a lovely treat for my calloused hooves.

I think son no.2 did a lovely job on the photography.

and the third pair, well, I just think they are stunning.

This is a lovely pattern by Mona Schmidt called Embossed Leaves. Can you see how the pattern even flows into the toes, very charming. As soon as I saw this pattern which was many, many moons ago, long before I was capable of knitting them, I knew one day I would knit them. So having conquered charts recently and having won some gorgeous, Bugga! by Sanguine Gryphon, I just love this colourway, its called Differential Grasshopper, the two came together in a wonderful marriage.

These have been an absolute joy to knit and I love them very much. And these, will always be hand washed.

2 thoughts on “Socks, socks and more socks.

  1. dee says:

    Wow, love your socks. I’m still knitting my tiger socks, have been for months..Love the colour of the last pair, they are all gorgeous :)Dee


  2. Carie says:

    Your Bugga socks look amazing – I’m so excited that some will be winging its way to me soon – we will have to have very careful deliberations about the best patterns!


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