Let the feast commence.

Hubby dragged me down the plot today.

Because I’ve been a bit of a coward.

The thing is…. you know that hysterectomy surgery, well I believed them, you know the part where they say… ‘and you can now lead a normal life’ after twelve weeks. Well I tried, I did, and it did not work at all well for me. I would work for an hour, no more, and then I suffered for a week. Even now, for some reason the right hand side of my scar deep inside pulls really badly,, that it hurts.

I am a great believer in that time heals, I’m also a believer that scary situations should be avoided..

Which is why I needed a hubby to drag me back down the plot. (you have to remember that everytime I have gone to the plot, it has resulted in pain)

Today, was different, there are lots of light jobs I can do.

Firstly there was photography,

cucumbers the first we have ever successfully grown.

globe artichokes, such architectural plants.

courgettes are doing well.

as are the parsnips

carrots on the other hand have done very badly, although..

the carrots in the new experiment which might be protected from carrot fly are doing very nicely.

the raspberries, well, Wow,

haven’t they done well.

I only picked just over a row, I have work to do tomorrow.

There were peas that I picked. And potatoes that hubby harvested,… Kestrel, which looked wonderful. Potato blight has come in, so hubby has pulled all the tops off to leave the potatoes safely in the ground.

There were many little gem lettuces that are ripe and just about to bolt, they will make a lovely braised vegetable dish, with a little onion, a little chicken stock and a dash of cream..

Our harvest for today.

4 thoughts on “Let the feast commence.

  1. Carie says:

    looks like a veritable feast! BUt I'm not convinced that it was an anticipation of pain that stopped you heading down the plot … and not a lace knitting addiction!! 🙂


  2. Jenny says:

    Glad you found some light duties, and such productive ones too. Your plot is doing really well, why do I live 900 feet above sea level where the season is so short, I'm still waiting for most things. Take it easy, a little light knitting is probably good for your recovery.


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