Hatton Locks.

Having stayed up just a little too late last night, (2.30 a.m.!) drinking wine and playing Scrabble, hubby and I were not really fit for duties at the plot today. I’m calling it my swan song because as from Tuesday my drinking days will have to be seriously moderated due to starting Methotrexate for what has at long last (diagnosis has taken over two years, but then it is very rare for folk as young as I to have this) been diagnosed as Polymyalgia which according to my Rheumatologist could also be combined with two other factors.. (you know me, I’m never content with just a common cold!) Lets hope it works, because it would be nice to be pain free. I’ve been on steroids for a while and can look almost lady like when coming down the stairs first thing in the morning, rather than like a navvy with a belly full of rum, clutching the banister and walls for support.

Hubby went to pick our vegetables and came back slightly depressed. I could see he was a sad chap and asked what was wrong and he explained it was the end of the season, another year over, that he just felt sad.

Action was called for and we decided that a gentle stroll was needed with the emphasis on the gentle part of that sentence.

Although we live locally we had never been to see Hatton’s flight of locks. This flight is on the Grand Union Canal and has 21 locks in less than two miles. It was nice, it was relaxing, we had tea at the local cafe and gently strolled along the canal.

We also saw a HUGE dragonfly!!!

I’ve needed a little break from my brown cardigan. I love knitting my cardigan, it is gorgeous, but there was a part of me that just needed a little ‘something, something’ as a quick pick me up. I needed colour and the cravings for sock knitting had returned with a vengeance. There was only one choice it had to be Wollmeise – and when I opened up my Wollmeise stash this particular skein leapt out of the box and into my hands. I think its so beautiful, I would love another skein.

This is Wollmeise in colourway Johannisbeere & Brennnessel in 100% sock yarn, the translation of the name means red currant and stinging nettles. I think its divine, the colours in this skein are absolutely mesmerising.

Even just wound into a cake its a work of art.

4 thoughts on “Hatton Locks.

  1. Carie says:

    Yeouch to the polymyalgia (I googled, it doesn't sound fun), the socks are beautiful, I've not heard of that yarn before and as for Hatton locks – what is is, 21 locks within a mile and a half? It's totally crazy and I love it, we used to run to Hatton when we were marathon training and it was always a very welcome sight!


  2. mandycharlie says:

    Thanks for your kind thoughts. You Have heard of Wollmeise??!! (I would have thought my obsession wouldn't have passed you by) I edited my post to read more clearly as to what the sock yarn is. I can completely understand that speed reading and my sloppy writing wouldn't make things very clear.


  3. amelia says:

    That dragonfly is HUGE!! Are you sure it's real??My mother had polymyalgia rheumaticaWhich is a rheumatism of the muscles and steroids did fix her but she didn't have to take methotrexate but a girlfriend with rheumatoid arthritis did. I guess it has far more uses that cancer treatments!! I hope you get better taking this drug.


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