Oh the joy of beads!

I’ve finished the binding on my Christmas tree skirt. Hubby went to bed early last night and I spent a couple of hours hand sewing.

I was quite sad when I came to the end of it. Although I had a wonderful nights sleep, perhaps this is better for the soul than a complicated cable pattern just before bed time.

And the reason I have pushed on with the sewing?

Was this – the beading. I became quite giddy with excitement as I rifled through my stash of beads.

It is lovely to play like a child again, actually I think it is better than playing like a child as these are beautiful glass beads made for adults to enjoy, not plastic beads that become dull very quickly.

I haven’t planned every stage yet, but I have settled on some beautiful Rocaille Czech gold beads with silver linings in size 7/0 as a trim all the way around the edge.

So pretty, I’m sure these are really going to shimmer and dance with the lights of the Christmas tree shining upon them.

I’m a third of the way around.

5 thoughts on “Oh the joy of beads!

  1. Carie says:

    Oh that's going to look so pretty! I played with lots of different ideas for mine but in the end decided that I liked it as it was. I am thinking about colour co-ordinating wrapping paper for this year though!


  2. Sarah says:

    How wonderful! It makes me want to do one instead of my usual last minute frantic scrabble through my fabric stash for something to hide the tree base. I had to laugh at your last post when you said your family thought you were doing a skirt for yourself!


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