The reason I’m a little bit quiet.

You can tell its nearly Christmas, so much to do, so little time and no energy at all.

Three weeks ago I ended up at the Out of Hours doctors surgery at the local hospital with a chest infection, was duly given a course of antibiotics and sent home. I did as I was told, plenty of fluids, took all of my medication and waited to get better. Which I thought I had, but in my heart I knew I hadn’t.

On Thursday I woke up feeling like death but chivvied myself to get dressed and get on with the morning, and it was just the tonic I needed to see the girls at knitting. I was still coughing like a good ‘un, whilst making comments of “oh yes it is getting better” and trying not to listen to the comments that came back that I needed to see a doctor.

Thursday evening came, I was exhausted and shivery and on Friday morning my lungs really started to hurt on one side. AT that point I gave in and organised a doctors appointment and a taxi because I realised that I wouldn’t be able to walk that far. My doctor was slightly concerned as she listened to my sticky lungs, gave me a course of antibiotics, instructed me not to take my methotrexate this weekend and has made me promise to go to the out of hours surgery if I’m not improving (at the moment I think I am, although its a fine line) has put me on weekly blood tests and weekly visits to see her until I’m better.

So, if someone could do all of my Christmas shopping, write my cards, make my cake and all of those other things that I was mean’t to get done in the last month that I have been poorly, I’d really appreciate it..

I do hope people understand when they don’t get Christmas cards this year, that I just couldn’t do it. (And there hasn’t been very much Christmas knitting done either!)

And on that note, I’m going back to my bed, wishing for a much better year next year.

5 thoughts on “The reason I’m a little bit quiet.

  1. Kartman says:

    I'm sorry to hear you're so unwell. What a rotten time for it to happen. Tuck up in bed, keep warm and stress-free and hopefully by Christmas you'll be feeling yourself again.Do you have a laptop or could you borrow one from a friend? Then you could do all your Christmas shopping from bed!


  2. Jenny says:

    Hope you are soon feeling better. There is so much pressure at this time of year, increased by the Christmas season starting earlier and earlier. Just you take it easy and be good to yourself, it might even be liberating to have a really low key Christmas.


  3. mandycharlie says:

    Thank you all for your lovely messages, I'm starting to feel a little bit better – although my lungs are still squeaking loud enough to keep me awake at night, which is a bit weird. I think this is definitely going to be the lowest key Christmas we have had, at this point I'm seriously considering not having a tree, mainly because I just don't have the energy to do all the necessary, even if somebody else does it, its the upheaval of moving the room around, sorting out the lights and decorations etc.. Still, I've got another couple of weeks to go, I may feel completely differently by then. But the main thing is I'm on the up! thank you all again, Mandyx


  4. amelia says:

    I'm so sorry that you're so ill. It's no fun at the best of times but especially not now. My daughter has had the H1N1 and has been deathly ill for three weeks. She is now just starting to get over it but the cough won't go.Don't worry about all things Christmas. There's always next year!!!Take care of yourself!!


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