The Sun Shone…

in Stratford upon Avon today, so we trotted over for a walk along the river. I managed to grab my latest pair of socks before heading out the door. It was cold, but bright so made the perfect photo opportunity. It was very nice to be in the sunshine, it was just what we both needed. Later we strolled around the town and enjoyed a coffee together.

These socks are a Cookie A confection, Angee which has been a pleasure to knit and has turned into a really beautiful pair of socks – but then I wouldn’t expect anything less of a Cookie A pattern.

They are made with Wollmeise 100% in Miss May. I love Wollmeise I am completely addicted to it and Miss May did not disappoint.

I think Eric has got his paws well and truly under the table, look how comfy this pussy cat looks.

We have a sneaking suspicion that these pussy cats were pre owned by a knitter, because as soon as my knitting comes out, they plonk themselves onto my lap for a cuddle and quickly doze off, even though they occasionally get a gentle whack across the head with a long 7.5 mm knitting needle!!

3 thoughts on “The Sun Shone…

  1. Becky says:

    Sounds like a perfect day. Your socks are great. I have a skein of Miss May, but don't know when I'll ever get around to using it. I want to now that I see yours.


  2. amelia says:

    Love these pics! The socks are very pretty and I love the way your arm is covered in cat hair!! Our house and stuff is covered in dog hair!! It used to be cat hair as well but Ella has since died so a little less hair to deal with. I have to say though, that one little kitty can produce more shedding fur than all our dogs put together!!


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