Cold Sheeping.

I am into my second month of cold sheeping. I have not splurged on yarn in all of this time, which for me is impressive. On the other hand my library is increasing…

I have noticed some lovely things during my travels around the net. Toft Alpaca have started to make lace weight in baby alpaca. Fortunately they only have very pale colours, (pale colours would be destroyed in my house) which will be absolutely dreamy as the lightest Alpaca’s have the softest coats. Although on second thoughts I think I could manage the oatmeal..

And I’ve noticed that Sundara yarns are always available these days, but their postage was prohibitive to the UK, well they’ve changed their rules and now,, (I am not even sure if I should say this) if one were to purchase $200 of beautiful yarn (and my choice would be mainly in sock) the postage is…. FREE!!!!!!!!!!

I was quite excited by this idea and I started to think of my sock knitting friends and who I could email and where else I could post this new to me information. And who would be most probably likely to buy a couple of skeins at least… And then we could have had a big huge packet winging its way to us and we would have to put pennies aside for VAT and Customs.. But it was all doable…

And then I woke up and remembered I am cold sheeping.

So I’ll have to make do (if you saw the amount of sock yarn I have you would laugh at those words) with the one skein of Sundara sock a kind Raveller sent to me last year.

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