Normality returns.

Firstly I have been sock knitting, it was quite weird to start with knitting with these cocktail sized needles compared to the 5mm I am using for my Lizard Ridge blanket and it has taken me the best part of a sock to get into my groove. But now that I have I feel much better, it was quite blissful kitchenering (is that a word?) a few moments ago. I really enjoy the rhythmic spell of that particular task.

These socks I started for myself, but as soon as I started to knit them they told me they wanted to belong to hubby. Hubby is still not sure about woolly socks as they can make his feet too hot, but these socks have Insisted that they belong to him and they fit him beautifully, so what is a girl to do. And this yarn seems slightly lighter in weight than his last pair so that may do the trick on his feet overheating.

The photographs are taken at night, but they will give you an idea of what the yarn is like. I think they look like a manly pair of socks, don’t you? Although I do love them and I think I have something similar in my stash for me.

The colours are just divine and the yarn is blissfully soft. This is a skein of hand dyed from Babylonglegs, sock weight, Blue Face Leicester and nylon and is called Apples and Pears.


I have a confession,

for I have sinned….

Its all Alice’s fault.

Alice from Socktopus announced that she had finally sorted out the Fiori di Zucca sock pattern and put it up on her website. Its here if you wish to click. Whilst telling us this on Ravelry she also announced that there were seven skeins of Gelato di Pistacchio in Smooshy, Dream in Colour left. “Seven”, I hear you say, “yes, just seven”.

And this all stems from my knitting pal, who was a part of Alice’s lovely sock club and knitted up Fiori di Zucca not just once, twice.. (which actually drove me to distraction because I couldn’t get hold of this pattern and she’s a lawyer so I couldn’t ask her to copy me one over!!!, ) So when Alice released the pattern I was practically first in the queue by some happy coincidence. Which also meant, I was practically first in the queue for a skein of Gelato di Pistacchio. Was I a happy bunny. I thought the marriage of yarn, colours and pattern was perfect and as someone that often thinks things through far too deeply on whether things will work before casting on, you can imagine just how pleased I am.

Alice included a couple of sachets of Soak, always a nice treat, thank you Alice,

and me, well, I’ll try to be less naughty!

3 thoughts on “Normality returns.

  1. Carie says:

    I don't think that's naughty – I think that's what you call a sensible investment. Also, now we can have matching socks at quilting class again – get your needles going girl!


  2. Jo says:

    I would love to be able to knit socks without having a seam up the back, but I wouldn't know where to start with double pointed needles. I love all the socks you knit, and you always choose beautiful wool.


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