Flying Geese turn into roses.

Before I start, I’m loving your stories about your favourite fruit and vegetables for my giveaway, keep ’em coming.

Last month I had an extra class for my block of the month only because I have double booked June’s date. (more on that in June) Very cleverly Anita managed to fit me in to an evening class that were doing the very same block that I would be missing. Actually this block takes two classes and I have to bring it along to July’s class to finish it off.

The flying geese rectangles were very interesting, I’d wondered how they came together and once I started to work on them it became very logical. Getting my points to stay as points does seem to be tricky. I can see how my work is improving (and has improved considerably since buying the new sewing machine) but I do think it is going to take quite a bit more practise before it all starts to come together on a regular basis.

Excusing the shoddy photography that has bleached the colours out of the material.

I can see the faults, but there are a couple of points that I am particularly pleased about.

Including the way the central cross, crosses perfectly. Of that, I am very proud.

Its tricky this patchworking!

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