A tasty supper and a little knitting.

Our chickens have been laying like the clappers of late, which is of course very good news and normally son no.2 hoovers up any surplus. Strangely this time he has not and the egg mountain in the kitchen was growing higher and higher. Drastic action was required. I considered my options, egg curry, omelets in various disguises, scrambled eggs etc etc, Nope nothing was calling to me that my family would entertain as they are all slightly egged out at this time of the year.

I opened the fridge and found a couple of ends of cheese, courgettes that were looking a little tired but that were still serviceable, some very ripe tomatoes, a couple of onions and a few mushrooms and a pack of bacon. (which must have got under the boys radar somehow) Bingo! Egg flan filled with yummy vegetables and bacon.

I griddled the courgettes, pan fried the onions and mushrooms and grilled the bacon until it was crispy, grated and crumbled the cheeses (cheddar and Irish Cashel Blue), having found the pastry in the freezer, (I know, but I can’t be perfect!) whisked together eggs with a little milk and seasoned well and then all there was to it was an assembly job.

Hubby brought home some fresh salad and supper was served.

One of the flans is carefully wrapped and resting in the freezer, much to the disappointment of the hungry wolves who bayed to the moon when they realised they were not going to get another piece for a midnight feast.

Tonight we are having breakfast for supper, its one way to use those eggs!

I’ve also been doing a little knitting.

This is Amaya by Marie Wallin, or should I say this is the back of Amaya. I’m knitting this in Rowan Bamboo Tape, colourway Amethyst, which I bought for a very good price from Kemps in October. I spent many hours trying to get gauge and I didn’t manage it, I am still off, but I’ve fiddled around with the pattern and I think it will be okay. Now if anyone could tell me where I’ve put a pack of Bamboo Tape in Amethyst I would be very obliged – I’ve completely forgotten.

There are strange tales of Bamboo Tape stretching and I expect that to happen, still its a fast knit and it should be finished soon to enjoy for the rest of the summer.

And now a quick preview especially for the pregnant one AKA as Carie. Because I did promise a little sneak preview.

There may be bobbles involved. (And before you start clicking I have not put any information that will give you any clue into the title of the photograph!! – although I only just remembered not to do that – LOL)

You get extra brownie points if you can guess the yarn.

4 thoughts on “A tasty supper and a little knitting.

  1. amelia says:

    I have never seen flat yarn before but then I am a rookie so I haven't seen much. I hope you have great success with it, it's a gorgeous colour!! :)You are very inventive coming up with meals the way you do. I have never been that lucky. My daughter has chickens and runs into the same problem from time to time but personally I haven't eaten an egg since my mother was not able to force them on me any longer as a child. I think I was about twelve at the time!!


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