Knit Nation and not forgetting a boys 21st.

When son no.1 said that he would like to go to London for his 21st birthday, I pleaded with him to go this Friday so that I could go to Knit Nation, thankfully he agreed. We had a very low key celebration on the day consisting of pizza and cake before the boy raced out the door to celebrate with his pals. Mothers (and fathers) are quite superfluous to requirements at this age.

And so I waited, well actually I made lists of all the beautiful colourways that I love and counted my pennies whilst raiding my savings.

Eventually the morning dawned, I was awake at five, out of bed, breakfasted and in the shower shortly after five thirty. My excitement was palpable and I slowly woke the boys in turn for their showers. We were off just after seven and parking up at The Imperial College by nine. The boys headed off with hubby on adventures of their own and I made my way to Knit Nation. Two hours to kill was not a problem I found a wonderful group of women who I found out are as addicted to Wollmeise as myself and the time flew by.

And then the excitement really grew, those last few minutes before the doors opened were heady. I was about fifth in the queue. As you can see there was still room to move, apparently Thursday evening was very busy.

Photographs of my stash, it was very difficult to choose. Thankfully I have a reasonable stash of Wollmeise already so I had a fair idea of what I was looking for and I managed to buy most of the skeins that I desired. I could have bought more, but the boys insisted that I feed them this month.

Gratuitous shots of stash follow.

and last but by no means least.

A shot of the birthday boy with his 18 year old brother.

Where have all the years gone?

4 thoughts on “Knit Nation and not forgetting a boys 21st.

  1. amelia says:

    I'm sure the boys had a wonderful time!!BUT, look at those colours!!! I know I'd go broke if I had a place like that close to me. Luckily for my hubby, we don't and as far as I know the nearest yarn store is about a five hour drive away!!


  2. Jenny says:

    Just tell me again whose birthday it was, it looks like yours came early. All that gorgeous yarn, do you have big plans for it or is it just to drool over.


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