Boo Hiss

Boo Hiss to the weather.

I was up several times in the night, and it was cloudy, cloudy and cloudy.

And now at 7.30 in the morning it is bright blue with barely a cloud in the sky.

I shall try again this evening, you should still be able to see the shooting stars until Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Boo Hiss

  1. orchidlover says:

    I'm with you on this one but I don't think the weather in Wales is going to get any better. I did sit out for a few hours on Thursday night but all I got was very cold and not a hint of a light show. Oh well better luck next year.Love and hugs Gina xxx


  2. amelia says:

    Same here!! We have had nothing but hot sunny weather since June, it's been so hot our flowers have dies but would you believe, the last two nights have been cloudy!!No light show for us this year!


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