Project Completed.

I know there will be times when this project will need to come home to be washed and have the odd stitch straightened out. Maybe it will need to be blocked and lay down to sleep for a while to become whole again. But this is as good as I can achieve with the materials given to me oh so many years ago. And really is this type of project ever completed, it will always be something that I worry over.

Son no.2’s first day on campus at his chosen University.

He is off on adventures new and we are very proud of him. And yes I did cry for most of the journey home, it was difficult to leave what I still see as a puppy not quite grown into a mans skin. All big boned and not quite sure of himself.

I rang him today, I suspect I may need to ring him most nights if only to make sure he is ticking off the required things to do, registering with doctors, dentists, bus passes etc. etc. He seemed happy when I rang so I chatted for a while and then asked him about whether he had any fruit today, his reply, “Well I had some strawberry flavoured cider, does that count?” I laughed and said I didn’t think that would be included in one of his five a day.

And son no.1 came down to lend some brotherly support, although we ribbed him that really it was to see if there was any nice totty around.

I can’t tell you just how quiet it is here, its really very strange.

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