Biscuit Emergency!

As a rule I don’t keep biscuits or cakes in the house, its simply too tempting for me. When the boys were young we needed to keep odd bits and bobs like that in the cupboards, as boys, whilst growing are very much like locusts, they can clear a kitchen of tasty titbits in seconds. To be honest I was often mugged for high fat, high carbohydrate treats whilst walking from the front door to the kitchen, small boys pulling on my bags, with my cry of “Let me get in the door”

Its pretty cold around here and we have huge windows which are single glazed with steel window frames. You know when the curtains are open, its like a blast of frozen air from a freezer. Today the surveyor came around from our chosen double glazing merchant. It was going well until he told us that we probably wouldn’t be fitted until March. We were definitely sad faced. 😦

Hubby went back to work and I carried on with the baby sock that I was hoping to squeeze out of some very pretty yarn that I have. Nope, not enough yarn. Even sadder faced.

And it was then that I had a biscuit emergency! I had already eaten the chicken curry and rice from yesterday and had boiled eggs for breakfast, but there it was, the craving for a hit of fat and sugar.

I let the craving rage for an hour, then had an Options (40 calories!) Belgium Chocolate flavour drink, (yum) but that wasn’t going to do the trick today. So another hour later, I put the oven on, whipped up a small batch of shortbread and put the kettle on whilst choosing which tea to drink. Mostly I drink decaf for various reasons, today I thought a little hit of caffeine might just pick me up, so chose Oolong which I find very pleasing.

The biscuits came out of the oven whilst the teapot was warming with freshly boiled water.

Tea and biscuits, ready to be taken into the living room to be slowly consumed in front of a roaring open fire.

All gone. And very nice it was too.

Still look on the bright side, at least I will have plenty of opportunities to wear my woolly socks and cardigans, this winter. I’ve always wondered whether I will actually like double glazing, this might sound odd but I quite like the odd draught, it freshens up a room and I like hearing the birds sing, the hooting of the owls, foxes calling to each other and footsteps in the night that are walking away, (not trying to break into my sons car as was once the case). I wonder just how much I will miss these things.

3 thoughts on “Biscuit Emergency!

  1. Jenny says:

    Quite right to indulge yourself this weather. Have to say I'm quite enjoying not getting out, making do with store cupboard provisions. Even got started on the Christmas cards and wrapped a few presents.


  2. Jo says:

    Only biscuits will do when you're feeling down. I know what you mean about double glazing. I couldn't live without it as I'm always cold, but it does make you feel completely cocooned in your house.


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