Not Pebbles, Stones!

Well just one stone actually,

this one…

I’d been working on that stone backwards and forwards over Christmas for quite a while and this week as my tippy toes touched the scales I knew I was in with a chance of success, which proved to be correct. I have stuck my certificates on my study wall for when desperation strikes and I can gaze at them for inspiration.

And the other good thing about achieving the landmark of a stone,

Is a received another sticker. I like stickers..

I have a very long way to go, but I am enjoying the journey.

Three things I have learnt from Slimming World.

1. Generally people take longer to lose weight than you might imagine, although there will always be the stars of the group who manage to somehow drop lots of weight every week, generally it comes off very gradually, a pound loss is a great loss if your dieting every week.

2. I need the discipline of weighing in, it sharpens the mind when the mouth is grazing. (or longingly looking at treats that would send me into a catastrophic whirlwind of events that would end very sadly)

3. That it is good fun. I know that is shocking isn’t it?! But you would be suprised about the laughs we have. Whether its about the friendly time you had with a bottle of red, the long term relationship you have with a bag of sherbert lemons. Are you a nutaholic? or a crispaholic? or maybe you love the sweet things in life. There are commiserations and celebrations, its all there at SW.

Right, I am off to make some homemade leek and potato soup, followed by a roasted pumpkin risotto. Yum, yum.

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