What can this mean?

These strange, yet beautiful colours I put before you.

It cannot be, can it?

One has heard of these mirages, can this be true?

It is true, there are thirty six squares knitted up in the Lizard Ridge pattern.

And they have all had their ends sewn in.

Tomorrow, with luck, Carie, Kitty and I shall play to our hearts content with all the pretty colours. I suspect there may be others that find the colours irresistible and may need to come and play.

And look how pretty the ends are, I couldn’t bear to throw them away when I had a sudden inspiration.

I could use them as ties in a quilt. Wouldn’t they look pretty. I shall have to experiment with them.

4 thoughts on “What can this mean?

  1. Pearly Queen says:

    If the yarn is NORO (looks like it) then they will break if you pull them too firmly – beautiful yarn, but so badly-behaved! I suggest you tie a bunch down with strong linen thread to make a little tuft on the quilt…


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