When I wished upon my wishing star

I must have been wishing very hard
because today my dreams came true.

Before Christmas I was waxing lyrical about Indigo Moon and the gorgeous one and only skein I had of it that I was knitting up for my own Christmas treat. And I asked if anyone knew anyone who sold this particular yarn in this country as Socktopus no longer does. I must tell you that everytime I took this project to knitting other knitters were in awe of the yarn and just loved the colourway which was called Starlight.

When my socks were completed just before Christmas I was very happy,

but also a little sad as my only stash of Indigo Moon had gone and I could no longer just admire it in the skein. It was so pretty. And I hadn’t realised just how plainly that had come across on the internet especially as a certain somebody was listening. Amelia on hearing of my plaintive cry about my last skein, contacted Indigo Moon and get this…. asked Trish Moon to dye Especially for Me some beautiful skeins of Starlight. And get this… Trish said Yes.. Aren’t they naughty!!!!

So today a package arrived for me which I was not expecting. I opened it up and found these gorgeous items.

Two 100 gram skeins of Indigo Moon fingering weight 100% merino superwash in Starlight and… an absolutely gorgeous mini skein of Pur Silk in Green Goddess and a very pretty postcard of Vancouver Island Gardens. What a treat, three beautiful skeins of gorgeous yarn. How lucky am I to have a friend like this.

And just for the cheap seats at the back,

A lovely, large close up.

This has turned my day into a very happy one,

thank you so much Amelia.

3 thoughts on “When I wished upon my wishing star

  1. Jenny says:

    Is that Amelia at Dogs Life, I know her she's very nice, obviously even nicer than I thought. And you are so so lucky having yarn dyed especially for you, pressure on now to produce something gorgeous. Happy days.


  2. amelia says:

    Hi Mandy,Just to let you know that snow cream is a mix of fresh clean snow, milk and vanilla. That's why the kids can eat as much as they want to because it's mostly just water!!


  3. Stasher says:

    From the cheap seats at the back, you may have popcorn thrown at you! (Envy is a miserable sin) Keep this for bestest socks, and find some other ones to wear for our walks.


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