Florence upped her game.

Florence, our tabby and white moggy of this parish left a really big suprise for us this morning.

“What was it?” I hear you cry.

“Was it another Pigeon, all plucked and ready for the oven”

“No thankfully she hasn’t repeated that particular performance, downy feathers whipping around your ankles at six in the morning is quite unnerving” “I’ll give you a hint, it was bigger”

“Was it that Magpie you told me about?”

“No it wasn’t a Magpie”

“Was it a squirrel?”

“No think Bigger”

I can hear the pause in the conversation and even I didn’t think she would be able to achieve this..

Hubby was greeted with an almost fully grown rabbit this morning, deposited in the middle of the kitchen floor. I’d say it was a good three pound in weight wearing an adult coat but still having that look of youth about it.

I’m not sure if she has been really lucky and has picked up road kill but from the look of it it didn’t appear to have been hit by a vehicle but you never know. Having been bought up on wild rabbit I was quite tempted to skin it, but I will wait and see to see if she brings another one home, it was certainly a fresh kill.

And I’ll say something about her, she must really love us a lot to have brought this bunny home, its a good five minutes walk to where the bunnies roam, so to drag it back would have taken some serious effort from what is quite a small moggie and then to get the damn thing through the cat flap, that, I would have paid good money to see.

3 thoughts on “Florence upped her game.

  1. Diane says:

    Thats so funny!!! But poor little bunny! I once ran over a rabittt, and left it on my Grandads doorstep as it was late at night. I have to explain that he was a woodman and often ate rabbit, however, when greeted with the sight of a dead rabbit at 7am on his doorstep, with no explanation, he though it had died of miximatosis and buried it in his garden!!! xxxx


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