Blue is the colour.

It seems we are rather surprisingly swathed in blue at the moment. I looked up yesterday as I was sipping a nicely chilled glass of rosé with my Mother and Father and could not see even the tiniest wisps of clouds, the sky was clear blue all the way. I could feel the tips of my ears going pink and wondered aloud if I was was going to become sun burnt in September. Last week I was rummaging through my box of knitted scarfs to find one to wear with this cardigan as I was feeling as chilled as the rosé I was drinking.

This cardigan remains unblocked. I was blaming the weather and now I am blaming lethargy, its far too nice to do anything other than play. It can become blocked when it needs its first wash.

The pattern is a free pattern from Ravelry, Basic Black by Glenna C. and I chose to knit it from Sublime Yarns Organic Merino Wool DK in colourway Sailcloth 118 which I bought for £1.99 (normally retails £5.50) a ball from Get Knitted in one of their sales. I feel I got a bargain and have safely tucked away in my stash another colourway for future knitting. The knitted fabric feels lush and very cosy and I feel this will be my turn to cardi this winter.

I am still not sure about the buttons, they seem a bit heavy for this cardigan, I may well change them in the future, but they will do for now.

And todays job? Finding my bottle of sunscreen, my ears feel a little bit pink and there are a few bits and bobs to be pottering about with on the plot.

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