Jane Brocket comes to Warwick.

I know, Warwick, wow. It was Carie that spied this on Jane’s blog Yarn Storm and conveyed this information to us at our knitting group with much excitement. I was stunned that such an important blogger and writer to us had decided to come to our county town of Warwickshire to speak to us, and immediately said, ‘ooh yes, I’d love to go’ so the date and tickets were booked and only later did I realise tea and cake would be involved – this had no bearing on my decision making what so ever!

Carie gently reminded me of the date last week and at that time I wasn’t really sure if I would make it, and at the weekend I began to doubt even more, but the boy had brightened up by this morning and when I left him early afternoon he was bright and active so I felt less troubled and went off to enjoy what I can only describe as a delightful afternoon.

Firstly we had lunch at Merchants which is a lovely restaurant and where Carie and I have spent many a happy lunch time enjoying one of their lunch time deals for a Fiver, whilst catching up with each others news and knitting and quilting adventures. Todays special was a generous portion of gammon, fresh pineapple which was caramelised, home made chips and a side salad, it was lovely lunch and then time being short of time we marched quickly to the Lord Leycester Hospital where this event was being put on by Warwick Words

On entering I started to pick out people in the crowd firstly Anita who is The Quilters Den, and then fellow knitters from Kenilworth Knit and Natter D and N and J and we all happily sat together on one big table.

Quite quickly afterward Jane Brocket was introduced and we quickly fell under her spell, she spoke with passion about her background, crafting and writing whilst at the same time giving us little insights into her working day. The room was silent whilst we were absorbing every word, it was a real treat to hear her speak, what with her voice only being heard before through print. There were two areas that I really identified with, the first about needing to craft in whatever form every day, I feel that and feel a little bit lost if I don’t. And the other the fear of writing, and how sticking your head above the parapet can be extremely frightening, and how people will often target you for doing so. Not being a very good writer, I often feel like this. But then Jane explained how in whatever format we should just have a go.

It was wonderful to see her quilts in person, quilts that had gently glimmered in her quilting book, simply shone with their beauty in real life. Knitting that was beautiful in print really came alive once seen. It was wonderful. I shouldn’t really tell you this but Carie was quite giddy at one stage, she was enjoying every moment, as I have to say, so was I. And by the conversation whilst we were enjoying our tea and cakes everyone had been inspired.

Jane allowed me to take this photograph of herself, it was under duress though, I mean how many bald women can you say no to?!! She knows its going on my blog, and I must have said something extremely funny although I can’t remember what just as I clicked, I do thank her for her generosity.

And then Carie, D and I wandered to Warwick Wools to have a wander around and all too soon it was time to go home.

I have to say I had a wonderful afternoon.

And just before hubby drove me home,

I realised we had entered my very favourite time of year.

Happy Autumn everyone.

2 thoughts on “Jane Brocket comes to Warwick.

  1. Diane says:

    You met blog royalty!! Yarnstorm has always been one of my fave blogs and one that gave me so much inspiration. I once went to the Ile de Re in France because Jane Brockett like it!! Hope the young man is getting his strength back. xxxxx


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