Happy Christmas

May I introduce,

‘Fred’ our snowman Piñata. You will have to excuse that fact that Fred doesn’t have a pointy orange carrot for a nose, he has had to make do with half a tomato and a runner bean for his mouth, what with the price of coal these days.
He is packed full of goodies and is now ready for the day itself. Me – I am still in my jim jams… hubby has been doing battle this year with the marauding crowds, he has arrived home safely with turkey and all manner of goodies and has already opened the box of chocolate biscuits!
We are having a quiet Christmas, mainly because everybody received their Christmas presents ridiculously early this year, – the boys wanted theirs early and I couldn’t say no and then I had the sewing machine, still we have a few small items to unwrap. We have games galore, the Monopoly and Trivial Pursuits has been dusted off. A new game of Connect Four has been purchased. I am the Queen of Connect Four so it will be fun to find out if those boys can beat me yet. The boys are arming the Wii with new games and if all else fails we have Happy Families and Poker to play.
After everything that we have been through this year I am just very grateful to be spending time with my family, we all realise just how lucky we are to have each other.
So, Happy Christmas to you all, I hope everyone has a wonderful day and finds time to relax and enjoy themselves doing what ever you love to do.

3 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. Jenny says:

    Oh I want to come and give Fred a whack, brilliant. Mr FF came home yesterday from the shops with an electrical wall plate, the festive spirit hasn't reached him yet.


  2. amelia says:

    I wish for you a new year with a lot less drama then this one!! Maybe no drama, I bet that sounds good!It's quiet here, snow is falling and dogs and hubby are snoring, very peaceful…


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