And so the end is nigh.

We will certainly be glad when this year is over.

Although I always think it is a little sad to think like this, it is like rushing your life away. And I try not to do that.

We have been blessed with our family still intact, I am sure you all know how much that means to us. And I now know much more about the pancreas than I ever thought I would. There have been new and stronger bonds formed with all members of our family but especially our sons because of son no.2’s trials and tribulations. It is not over yet, his liver is playing up, a fatty liver they call it, we all have fingers crossed that in the normal way of things he will slowly get better and not become the great performer that his mother is (me) on autoimmune diseases I have known and loved. Only time will tell.

Hubby and I have been having fun exploring London again this year with a lively programme already in place for the start of next year. There are three trips planned already with one culminating in a workshop at Loop which I am very much looking forward to.

My knitting is progressing well, I have knitted 2 cardigans and a waistcoat for myself, along with being in striking distance of finishing the cloak that kept me company whilst we were in hospital(s) with the boy. There have also been hats and scarfs and socks, lots of socks. I make the mistake of knitting a pair with love in my heart and then being badgered to knit more for the very lucky recipient. You would think I would learn wouldn’t you. I also need to photograph lots of projects to show you what I have been knitting, the photography part of the equation of the blog has fallen by the way side.

I must get to grips with my City and Guilds on hand knitting as this was pushed to one side what with everything that went on. So I am going to have to organise myself a weekly/monthly calendar as to what I am doing.

The hand sewing group and patchwork was also pushed to one side, so I am looking forward to picking that up again.

What are my new year resolutions?

Firstly, I am going to start with a classic resolution – lose weight, exercise more. I have just had a pep talk from son no.2 as to why this usually fails and I realise I will have to put in quite a lot of effort to organise myself to make it a concrete part of my routine. I shall work on it.

Secondly, I am going to stash bust this year by finishing all projects that have been started or bought for (especially in the way of quilts). Within this I am not to purchase yarn/fabric unless in very small amounts as a memory aid to a wonderful day out, much in the way you might purchase a tea towel embossed with the subject you visited on a day trip. It is wonderful whilst rummaging through my stash to come across a pretty skein of sock yarn only to be reminded of a wonderful day out or holiday, often accompanied by hubby, the whole day comes flooding back. Or a purchase may be made if I need some extra fabric/yarn to finish a project.

There are two proviso’s,

Firstly, babies wait for no one, so baby knitting is allowed and applauded. There can be nothing more delightful than knitting for a baby, it really is one of life’s great joys, and certainly one to treasure.

And the other is that I should always be able to knit vanilla socks. Often the projects this year will be too large or complicated to take out and about with me. I find a sock is the perfect companion whilst chatting at knitting or waiting for appointments.

And another wish more than a resolution is to spend some quality time with our boys this year. It is so very easy for days to become weeks and then months with no real commitment to do this. Even if it is only to spend a Sunday having lunch once a month followed by a game of Monopoly. One can dream.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I wish you all a Happy New Year, and most of all to have fun with whatever you are doing.

love Mandy

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