Not an Aberation

I really am blogging about knitting.  
Apologies for the long silence, I have been knitting, some might say avidly, I would just say daily, but what I haven’t been doing is photographing.  Because, well, that would mean I would have to update my Ravelry account and find all sorts of information out to tell you, which is lovely, but not as cozy as knitting in front of the fire – the study can be rather cold as it doesn’t have a radiator in it. 
The cold snap has broken, so here I am. 
Firstly I picked up a cracking bargain in the sales, Rowan Kid Classic in pink for 50p a ball.  No that wasn’t a misprint, 50p a ball.  (I have to keep saying it to myself because I can’t quite believe it) Now I have never really worn pink, but at that price I am willing to give it a go and then thought about the summer and how lovely the flowery colours can look in the brighter light and thought Hey Teach might fit the bill. So I have been knitting this most evenings.  

When Kid Silk Haze Stripe was released by Rowan I fell under the spell of Twighlight 200 and knit it up with the pattern Petit Trous de Printemps 

 It reminds me of Autumn Fog laying gently on wild thyme and purple heathers, it is very, very pretty,

 and as you may know Kid Silk Haze is the crack cocaine of the knitting world.  Myself, well I have a love hate relationship with it.  I swear quite profusely at times whilst knitting with it, but then fall under its spell as it grows from my endeavours.   And once completed, I can forgive it almost anything.

 Then there were socks, these were Regia Flusi Das Socken Monster in 1800 for me,

 and socks for my little monster, son no.2 in Regia Flusi Das Socken Monster in 1805

 Hubby was lucky enough to find these at the bottom of his Christmas stocking, Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball 2083 (very splity not in love with the yarn, but very in love with the finished item)

 and Zweger Garn Opal Handwerk Und Hobby in Gardner 5043 which suits the allotmenteer in him.

and all together. 

There are other socks that I have started and not completed, and a hat that I am sure I have knit, but have since misplaced in the house.  There may be another photography session in the not too distant future, but rest assured, Mandycharlie continues to knit and sew.  This afternoon I have to continue with my task to recover the cushions which make up Mum’s conservatory suite – I am half way!

4 thoughts on “Not an Aberation

  1. Carie says:

    Wow you have been busy! The kid silk haze has knitted up beautifully and as for the 50p a ball Classic – it's a stunning price and will be a lovely summer cardi


  2. amelia says:

    I love your knitting! It's all beautiful and makes me want to knit faster and start something else!I'm just making lacy cardigans for my two youngest granddaughters but it gets boring doing the second one!


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