Conservatory Suite

I have been meaning to tell you about my exploits recovering Mum’s conservatory suite.  Well what happened is that Mum started to eye up a brand new suite which was over the £500 mark and Dad broke into a sweat.  They were meeting me at knitting later and told me about it, I exclaimed that she didn’t need a new suite, all she needed was new cushion covers.  So then she said, “well thats what we think and we want to ask you if you will do it for us?”  Well I couldn’t say no could I, and I am game for most things sewing.  We went straight off back to Mum’s measured up, then bought fabric and thread and I got to work.  A couple of weeks later I had this. 

 Recovered the cushions in a box shape, that was an interesting technique to learn.  In the corner of the photograph you can just see a circular cushion that I made and used piping with for the first time. 
 Mum was really excited when I said that I would replace the valance in the same fabric as she had never had it all matching before.  We ripped the old valence to bits to reuse the curtain heading.  I remember that this section involved the use of the ruler and washable marker so that all of the sections would meet up.  By the way can you see her wonderful flowering Easter cactus, it only lasts like that for a few days.  
And one of the two chairs.  I think it turned out all right. 

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