My London Bag.

As it has become known now. 
Do you remember the fabric I bought at the most recent quilt show I went to in Malvern. Yes thats right, the fabric that had haunted me for nearly a year since I saw it last.
Well the day before our hols when we went to London and immersed ourselves in art, culture and all things red, white and blue I managed to put sewing machine to fabric and made the bag I so wanted. 
 And it was made with incredible speed, I galloped along making decisions as I went. 
And somewhere along the line I forgot to take any more photo’s and began packing bags. 
But not until the bag was completed.  I’ve forgotten to take a photograph of its insides but it is fully lined with the red and white stripy ticking.  We were both very pleased with it and so were the tourists. I was stopped a couple of times to ask where I had purchased it from and as you might imagine I was delighted to say I made it myself. 
During our foraging in Liberties I found some London themed fabrics. 
Very pretty 
and they would make great bags, 
But at £79.00 a meter, I left them where they hung.  

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