Marlborough Buns try 2.

 So vibrant. 
and doughy 
 and glittery. 
 Ready for the oven
 Glossed to perfection,
with a sugary crust.  
Packed up for tea in the afternoon with my parents as chief tasters. 
And the verdict, was yum yum from my parents but I can taste where they need another tweak or too. 
This is an intriguing recipe, I didn’t expect to crack it first time,  but I know I am nearly there. 

6 thoughts on “Marlborough Buns try 2.

  1. Geoff says:

    Tried something along these lines but they came out a bit too crumbly – yours look like the real thing. Since Waitrose is now a world away, this would be a great time to try your recipe if you have time to share please.


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