1st Mood Board.

I’m one week in on my Art and Design course in Fashion and Clothing which has been a blast.  I am truly joyful and happy, every day has been a new adventure.  I am surrounded by a lovely group of girls who have been very gentle and kind and have bonded with me as one of there own.  They have helped when I have got stuck when using the PC’s in the library (being a Mac girl)  and when I have been too frightened to make marks on the paper from fear of not being able to draw.

On the other hand I have helped when they have got stuck when making there skirt block, and given ideas about designers that I know about that weren’t on the list given by the tutors, extra points for own research being at the front of my mind. Many of them have already booked up for help when we get to the sewing next week, once they get going I am sure they are going to be fine.

We have been researching designers, some of which are new to me and I have found some real gems that have made me very excited, meaning my A3 sketch pads will be stuffed full of good information.  I’ve already completed 4 pages with one designers work, I suspect I may be showcasing at least six, our minimum is three designers to cover 2 pages as a minimum.
Our brief for our 1st collection is something floral to be made up in black and white with tones of grey and cream.  
I took into college forty photographs of flowers some of which I’d grown or made and laid them out on the work benches. Then fine tuned them and popped to the libary to gather more information on areas that I wished to illustrate further, this is my first mood board.
I thought of the leaves on my home grown globe artichokes which are very similiar to acanthus which has been used for many years in stone masonry the oldest example being The Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae in Arcadia, circa 450 – 420 BC  (wiki is my friend)  I have really enjoyed the research aspect of fashion, you get one idea and it flows off into the next.

On my mood board I love the dark outlines of my stained glass window of my cala lillies and of the acanthus.  My home made flower and I couldn’t resist the photo of a strawberry flower, I really love the stamens they have so abundant and pretty. 

Monets water lillies reminded me of the shape and form
of my artichokes.
 And I simply couldn’t resist the courgette flower.  I really like the form of the stamen.

I am very proud of this little mood board, there is a certain cohesiveness which I thought I would never be able to achieve.  It also has a little of the Monty Python about it with stone masonary sprouting from lillies which appeals to my sense of humour. 

The rest of this weekend is going to be taken up doing homework accompanied by a little hand embroidery including beading for samples to be stuck into my sketch books. 
I really am loving this course. 

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