Edited Highlights.

There are times that one has to pinch themselves to see if they are dreaming, one afternoon this week was one of those times. 
We are working on an Indian theme to design costumes for a local children’s theatre for early next year and are very lucky to have an Indian student in our midst. The previous two weeks have been spent looking at photographs and illustrations to gain information and practise our drawing skills.  This week our Indian student very generously bought in richly decorated sari’s the sum total reaching thousands of pounds.  And then we spent the afternoon drawing them.  The only way I can describe it is, it was like a wonderful exhibition at the V & A, and it was brought to me and I was allowed to use pencil and paper, plus photographs to record it and I didn’t miss the last train home! 
And if I could teleport my nearest and dearest to see what I saw I would have done so without hesitation, I really think those engineers should have invented that by now (or maybe they have, having seen skype in action this evening, that was pretty amazing).  So instead, I shall show you just a snap shot of what I saw, taken on my iphone, it was truly amazing,  enjoy. 


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