Off to Uni, take two.

The boy left for Uni again today.  
Its been a day filled with emotions. 
We are very proud of him, but just a little bit scared.  
I think you know why. 
This last year is not something we can easily forget. 
It was horrible. 
But out of all of it, we four became closer than ever before.
For that I am very grateful. 
  He also learn’t to tie a bow tie. 
Although I wouldn’t want to meet this scary man as my surgeon/doctor or lawyer.
But maybe he will make a brilliant engineer.

3 thoughts on “Off to Uni, take two.

  1. millefeuilles says:

    Hello lovely lady! I have really enjoyed catching up with your recent post – The Button Queen looks to die for! – and I just wanted to wish your son a good second year at uni.Warmest wishes from France,Stephanie (from Loop button workshop in May)


  2. amelia says:

    I remember well all the happenings of last year (was it really a year ago?)He looks wonderful and all turned out well. Good luck to him in this new school year.


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