Home work day 1 of 3.

Next week I am going to be handing in three projects for marking.  I am starting to feel quite jittery and because of the workload all of us in the class will be working hard this weekend.  Some will be working harder than others, I will be working hard because I want the best possible grade. 
Just shoot me now. 
I know its going to end in hysteria, and tears. It feels like knitting Christmas socks for seven people, and then deciding that wouldn’t it be nice to have matching hats and gloves as well,,, on Christmas Eve. 
Its an illness that as I have found out, is totally transferable to any craft I put my hand to. 
 This is part of a skirt I have designed, dyed and printed.  I have decided that it would be ‘fun’, to sew around all of my print, yep even that spikey star thing is getting the mandycharlie sewn around it for fun, extra detailing.  Its big and its taking hours.  And that is only the start of my expedition into textiles, I have other fantasies for this skirt which involve beading, sequins, free motions sewing including using wool in the bobbin and the careful placement of a spider!  (more about that another time) there may also be applique. (yes I am determined to get a high grade)   And there are two other projects…
So you can see why I am starting to feel just a little stressed.  Its good though, really good.
Just a little bit more detail for you.  
Must get back to it.

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