Home work day 3 of 3.

Day 3 of 3, who am I kidding, I’ll probably be working way into the night for the next week.  
So, I’ve done about twelve hours today, the work is very hands on, which as most of you who read this know, is very time heavy. 
This is ready for tomorrow’s hand in. 
My pattern cutting folder, with one skirt block, two skirt patterns, two toile skirts, one close fitting bodice block, two fitted bodice patterns, two fitted bodice toile.  I have one cardboard skirt block made and one cardboard fitted bodice to make tomorrow (I’ve allowed the whole day). It also has in it, instructions, reviews, charts of measurements and other sundry items that are deemed necessary. 
Today I have been mainly working on Thursday and Fridays work, which already takes up two A3 sketch books (which is the main reason you haven’t heard a peep from me for weeks)  I tried a new technique to me, sewing with wool in the bobbin.  I followed a photocopy of my dandelion seed and 
 Wound my bobbin with cream wool and placed black thread on the machine for the top thread. And then slowly followed the design.  Thank goodness for modern sewing machines that will stop with the needle in the down position. 
 And soon had this. 
 I think it looks quite interesting.  And so to finish the night because I have Wednesday’s hand in’s to work on and think about. 
 I decided to colour in the drawing I had made.  I’d been told to develop it, so I coloured it in.  Note the new buying opportunities that leapt into my shopping bag from the college shop. (It really is the greatest of fun – I’m having a ball)  
 And when it is dry tomorrow.  I’m going to cut it up and…
 use it to make a collage for my hand drawn chilli’s.  Do you like my chilli’s? I really like them, and so do my tutors, for some reason they think I am quite good at drawing, I have a bold technique or something, becoming a fabric designer was mentioned.  I don’t really believe it myself, not having drawn so much a stick figure since I was twelve, (or thereabouts) but they seem quite keen. 
And they like this, 
And they really like this. 
I haven’t pointed out the ram yet, but my knitterly readers will spot him.  (what can I say, I was bored) 
And while I was painting, hubby had a little dabble with the paint brushes, I really like his dog and that boat is absolutely right, its almost the image of hubby rowing and I think I would quite like to live in that windmill at the top of a gently slopping hill.  He can’t see it, but I think he is quite good. 

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