And then there was knitting.

There has been some knitting whilst I have been beavering away at college. Sometimes I manage to get in ten minutes knitting before lessons start, fifteen at lunchtime (whilst feeling guilty that I am not in the library) and to be honest not much more some days, although there are evenings when I can get an hour in before bed.  I like those evenings the best, the knitting settles me and puts me into a serene place to get a good nights sleep. 
I’ve had to hang this up to photograph it because its all ready starting to look worn, I needed a jumper to throw on as I was going out the door and Flugel by Hannah Fettig seemed to fit the bill.  It has batwings and according to college fashion sense, big and baggy is the way to go when studying art based subjects. 

It was a nice easy knit with Araucania Aysen an aran weight yarn with a lovely mix of merino, alpaca and silk and the colours match my autumn wardrobe a treat and is as soft as it is warm.  It feels like the best of treats to wrap yourself up in, a great big warm cuddle, especially on mornings when its dark and cold with the start of jack frosts long pointy fingers needling through my clothing to freeze my skin to remind me that deep winter is on its way. 

And there is other news. 
I have a Saturday job at Wool Warehouse which is as amazing a place to work as it is to look around their website.  I cannot tell you how much pleasure I get from this Saturday job, firstly of course it gives me pin (or should I say wool) money, which feels great.  Secondly, I get to talk about knitting all day long, (which is doubly great) and thirdly, fourthly and fifthly, it is the greatest of fun.  

And what is even better is I have a great boss. 

For instance, last week, it was a little nippy, you might remember last Saturday, it was cold. 
At one stage I could barely feel my hands, at which point my boss threw a skein of Artesano 4ply 100% alpaca in my direction and told me to knit some gloves for myself to wear at work.  How nice is that?  Company knitting with gorgeous yarn, what was a girl to do?  I got home and surfed Ravelry and found  Queen Lucy’s Fingerless Mittens  then rummaged for some beads that I had bought at a show of Debbie Abrahams Beads in Lime which are lined in silver and are very glittery.  The pattern calls for size 6 (six to an inch) but I only had size 8’s (eight to an inch) but I went with it.
 And soon I had a pair of very pretty fingerless mitts,
 They are beautifully soft,
 and warm.
And I think, very pretty.
I shall be test driving them tomorrow.

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