Our Christmas holidays.

As hubby went shopping at the crack of dawn on Christmas Eve and was back by 8.30 a.m.  we only had very light duties to finish off and once finished I decided to treat hubby to lunch before going to our final shop. (more of which in a moment) So as I’d sampled the delights of Wagamama at our Christmas party for Wool Warehouse, which was the greatest fun, I decided to treat him too.  I also thought the lychee cocktails with freshly squeezed ginger were magical and deserved a second tasting.
 Starters, tuna which was zingingly fresh and a side dish of pickles.
After lunch we went off to Patisserie Comme-ci, Comme-ca.  Which is an amazing patisserie in Leamington and was revealed to me by Holly when she bought beautiful macaroons in to work.
 Treats for the afternoon, (those chocolate and raspberry truffly squares have a layer of compote/jelly/jam which makes a delightful fruity interlude against the power of the rich, soft and sultry chocolate.)
 Macaroons for treats.

 A yule log,  we also bought buttery croissants and almond & chocolate croissants which were extremely rich but very very good.

Christmas morning comes and I open my Christmas box to reveal…
  At which I gave a squeal of delight, an enormous project bag.
 Which slowly revealed my initials embossed in gold.
I think you can guess now. 
My very own satchel from the Cambridge company in which to put my pencil case, notebooks and apple for the teacher.  It is going to be greatest of fun using it. 
 Hubby and his newly knitted hat in Cocoon by Rowan in pattern First Encounter by Elisabeth F Parker.  
He likes it very much and says it keeps his ears warm.
Which I think it does because I have tried it on and it feels like you are putting on a hot water bottle.
 The boys waiting to start and Mum (me) is messing around with a camera.
 I am being hurried along, excuse the shaky photography. 
Note the home grown parsnips which were absolutely delicious this year and the dark greens consist of  home grown kale, black kale and brussel sprouts.
 The Pinata didn’t make it, one hit with a wooden spoon sent it spinning into orbit, so I will have to reinforce it next year.  The boys ended up holding it up, which was a game of nerves of steel in itself. 
 Having a relaxing Christmas allowed me to start this on Christmas Eve. At the moment all I can think about is granny squares with thanks to Holly for teaching them to me.  This is four colours placed together randomly to try and make something arty, rather than four colours repeated.  
(hubby’s jumper is on the back burner, sorry love, but its so mild!)
 So on the day after boxing day I trotted over to Wool Warehouse to spend my Christmas money, which lets face it was burning a hole in my pocket.
 And since then I have enjoyed every spare moment crocheting.
 This blanket has grown, it will only ever be a lap blanket due to the lack of wool, but it is pretty.
 And this, well, this particular blanket has been haunting me for a few years, it is so me in its choice of colours that in the last few years I have often felt it tugging at my heart strings.  So as soon as I learn’t to do granny squares I knew I had to make it.  It is Granny Squares Throw by Marie Wallin and already I have fallen deeply in love.

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