Ken Wood.

Remember this, The day the Kenwood died.

And this, A post about a poorly Kenwood.

And this, lovely pavlova’s

Well, we have been talking and thinking and then more talking about whether to get our Kenwood restored or to buy a new one.  Both of which we have baulked over the cost.  You see if I was going to get another Kenwood, I would like to get a top of the range one, one with metal body and a high spec motor, one that may last another 60 years.  One, the boys (or their wives) will fight over come the time I go to pastures new.

I wonder if Ken Wood (yes really, his name was Ken Wood) had any idea what he was inventing all those years ago of which we had the first off the production line.  Or should I say hubby’s Mum did. I wonder if he knew the pleasure he would bring millions of women and their families and friends.  Did he have any idea.  Or did he know and secretly was very pleased with himself when he saw how beautifully he was making his motor and knew that it would last a very long time.  That it was built on the lines of a high quality roller and not an old banger to get you from a to b.  I wish I knew the man and was able to thank him for all those happy times me and my Kenwood have had together.

And yet we remained in a state of flux not knowing which way to go, to restore and admire the lines of beauty of the machine we have known and loved for so long, or to go the whole hog, and buy something new that we will be able to play with for many years down the line.  What with our Kenwood having lost its mincer, sausage maker, other gubbins many years ago. (we think in a house move).  But still the cost, wow the cost.

When, we decided to look at just how many points we had accrued on a card that hubby has had for many a long year and just uses to pay for petrol that he has been collecting the points for, for 23 years.  It had rather a lot of points, enough points to all but pay for this little baby. I was quite giddy with excitement as we finalised our choice of machine.

 May I introduce our oldest of Kenwoods, as you can see from the vent on the first machine it is a single vent, the next machines had two vents (or something like that)
Next to each other.  The old and the new, our new one has a much bigger bowl, much easier to do battle with dough and Christmas cakes and double mixes of delicious cake mixture and with a 1500w motor, compared to our 500w on the old machine, I don’t think it will cause any trouble.
I made a chefs salad to go with our supper, it took seconds in the food processor which fits so nicely on the top.
I thought I would whip up a few fairy cakes for the knitters tomorrow.
They might need sustenance, we have a new range from Drops by Garnstudio in which has been eagerly anticipated by our Saturday knitters.
 I tried to pipe, but I am rubbish at piping, especially when I couldn’t find the right sized piping nozzle.
 I’ve been missing my Kenwood, I have. 
I think we are going to have a lot of fun, can’t wait to try the sausage maker!

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