The most amazing fabric shop (so far) in my world.

  Last Wednesday we trotted into London and after concluding our business, we decided our adventures should take us to a fabric shop that I had read about.  So I gave hubby the address and he in a matter of seconds tells me which tubes to catch, no pondering over maps for him.  In fact I think I could tell him to take me absolutely anywhere in London and he would, if only to prove to himself that he can do it without opening up a map.  I feel his mind is full of circuits and maps are pretty much like circuits so he probably looked at a map twenty years ago and its still crystal clear to him.
Our adventures this time took us to Shaukat & Company who couldn’t have been nicer to us. 
We wondered and we pondered and I made little gasps in awe and delight. 
It is an amazing shop, it is huge, on two levels and if you can’t quite make it they have a comprehensive web site to ponder and wonder and gasp.
I’ve never seen many of the Liberty fabrics, the cord and the twill in particular, so I bought myself a skirts worth of Liberty Needlecord for the autumn, and did I mention the prices, so much cheaper than Liberty’s.
 Silk.  – so pretty.
 Shirting, 100% cotton.
 Wool and tweeds for suits.
And then we have the Liberty fabric. 
 and more and more and
 more and
It goes on and on, I’ve only photographed about a quarter of the shop. 
Its definitely worth a shopping trip. 

3 thoughts on “The most amazing fabric shop (so far) in my world.

  1. Carie says:

    I've been trying to plan a trip there for ages but we never seem to be in the right bit of London at the right time. The website is amazing though, lucky you getting to see the real thing!


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