My birthday treat.

Up until very recently I have been living in a whirl wind which consisted of homework, London, housing, university, student finance and last but by no means least family life.  And to be honest it did wear me out a little, well I am an old tart you know.  Anyway as from yesterday I have finished all of my school work and just have a gentle week left to help get everything ready for the fashion show.  I can’t tell you how pleased I am that I have handed everything in including locating missing library books which were feared lost until I had a light bulb moment and sure enough they were piled in with the laundry that needs ironing in the bedroom – I like to read in bed.  And during all of that, I had to fit in my birthday.

Hubby and I trotted down to London last week in order to take measurements in my new pad only to find the banks surveyor had not returned the keys and wasn’t able to be contacted, which made us grumble quite a bit so we headed off to see an exhibition, which wasn’t wasn’t any great shakes, so I won’t waffle on about that when hubby remembered (have I told you how much I love this man) that I Knit was around the corner.  Oh my giddy aunts, we walked for less than two minutes and we were there. That was a shock to the system I can tell you.  I was so happy to be sprung with such a surprise, I am sure it wasn’t on purpose, but it was a genius birthday present – I’ve wanted to go to I Knit for ages.

 They do have some lovely yarns to peruse,  I walked around the shop, very slowly twice before decided which area I would concentrate on. 
 Such pretty yarns.
 And lots of books.
 And eventually I settled on my birthday yarn, some sock yarn Manos Del Uruguay, Alegria in A6729.  I’ve just finished a sock yarn cardigan (its blocking as we speak) called Featherweight by Hannah Fettig in Wollmeise and even though it has been on the needles for nearly a year I have really enjoyed the process of knitting something that will be nice to throw on during our English summers.  This Alegria is delightfully soft and squidgy so it is going to be a joy to knit with.
 And I knit has other talents apart from gorgeous wool, it sells wine and beers and ciders.  Which I’ve always thought was eminently sensible and partook of a strawberry cider, which was absolutely delicious and hubby had a glass or two of red wine.  It certainly makes yarn shopping even more joyful than it already is and I spent a lovely hour talking about all things yarny with the other ladies who came into have a knit. 
 I think hubby enjoyed it too.
And homeward bound, because by that time we were tired and didn’t want to carouse around London, (which was slightly shocking but its been a tough few weeks and I still had work to do)
It was a great birthday.
Do you like the new specs?!

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