At last, some knitting, my summer cardigan.

 I know my blog has knitting in the title and to some that might mean you would expect some knitting content, of which I have been letting the side down somewhat.  Apart from the never ending requirements of my college course this has been the reason why there has not been that much around lately.  
I have at long last finished Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig which I knit up in Wollmeise Pure 100% Merino Superwash sock yarn in Claudia’s magical colourway Rhubarber.
Although there has not been nearly so much knitting as I would have liked of late, infact – hold onto your hats – there have been whole weeks where I simply haven’t picked up the needles,  when I have wanted or needed (for sanity reasons) to knit, this has been a great comfort to me.
It is a simple pattern, lots of stocking stitch which goes on forever and very soothing when knitting with beautiful wool which is both pretty and bouncy and soft.  
Knitting a 4ply garment is a serious undertaking by anyone’s standards, knitting a 4ply garment for my proportions is complete madness.  Casting on in August 2012, which has to be said seemed like a good idea and that I would soon have my cardigan to fight off the nasty Autumn chills, I am such a funny girl, 11 months later, here it is.
 Caught unawares having a very nice coffee.
 I quite love the cardigan, this day it was blowing a gale, the like of which being sat in the middle of the country we rarely see.  I am quite energised by gales, I love them, as long as they are not cold and have rain in them the windier the better I think.  I was glad of my cardi that day, it was just right and allowed me to trot around an outdoor market in Rugby and wander around the streets looking in the delightful little shops, without feeling in anyway chilled, which is the beauty of wool rather than acrylic, it keeps you warm even when its windy, even if it is a lightweight cardigan made from 4 ply.
Hubby and I went shopping for our new London abode today and on the way back stopped off for a coffee, which was of course lovely.  On the way back to the car we became trapped by the most horrendous rain storm, fortunately we had found very good shelter and could wave to the car but not get to it. I should have videoed this the rain came down in sheets and was very noisy, you wouldn’t think rain drops could make so much noise.  
Which is why you need a summer cardi in the UK, I was very glad I was wearing mine.

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