First Day at Uni.

Although it wasn’t the first day in class, that was today and not nearly so scary, mainly due to the three and a half weeks of freshers events that I went to.
 It amuses me that I took a first day picture.  Note the shiny shoes!, and the handmade white blouse, actually its a toile but it came out well enough to wear and at a pound a metre in the rag bin I wasn’t going to complain. (edited to add, I’ve just realised that I made the whole ensemble, skirt, tank top and blouse!)
 My heart leapt as I saw this sign as I walked through the circular doors,
 and every time I see a highly polished sign declaring that one is at a UAL establishment, I become just a little bit giddy and have to pinch myself that this is really happening.
Needless to say, even though you are not hearing very much from me at the moment, I am loving every moment of it. Its buzzy, its fast paced and its fun.  I am signing up for extra lectures and talks from the top people in the fashion and creative industry, Asos, Kurt Geiger and Nick Knight (fashion photographer) to name just a few, and its only the first week. 
I’ve signed up for life drawing, (which my sons did not understand) which is heavily subsidised,  the club has a model, four evenings a week, for two and a half hours, for the princely sum of £30.00 for the year.  Yes, that’s right, 20p a session, art tutor included. One hopes that I should be able to draw the human form reasonably well after that level of intensity, although of course I won’t be able to go every night as there will be other calls on my time.
And John Lewis do tights that I like!  
Apologies, but I normally have to order them online, so its a win, win.  (John Lewis, Oxford Circus is next door to the UAL and I am there about twice a week)
I’ve found Waitrose in the bowels of John Lewis and a cute tiny little wine bar which is not advertised,  in Waitrose – in the wine section – which does nicely chilled wine at normal prices and I spent a very happy couple of hours there talking to a wonderful waitress, who is leaving this week to take her place on training to become a barrister.  She’s going to be brilliant.
And in between meeting old friends from college and new found pals I made these pretty little frocks for my God daughter and baby sister.
(and one day I will allow myself enough time to take decent photographs before they have to wing their way to Warwickshire) 
I’ve had the fabric for a while, over a year but only bought a metre of each and just hadn’t got around to making the girls a dress each, what with college and all that.  And then I spotted this book in Waterstones, (Waterstones, Oxford Street has a bar on the 6th floor, I haven’t done it yet, but it does look very interesting) 
A lovely book full of ideas for that piece of fabric that you just had to buy because you loved it so. And all of the patterns are full size, none of that business of blowing them up by 250%
I think I have allowed enough room that a long sleeved tshirt can be popped underneath for cooler days and I think Elma’s should last until the spring, Kitty’s growing like a weed and although I made the largest size possible, aged 5 to 6, I think she will have grown out of it lengthways by the spring – lesson learn’t, don’t add half a foot, add the full twelve inches. (not bad for a three year old)
Until the next time. 

2 thoughts on “First Day at Uni.

  1. amelia says:

    Congratulations on everything!!! It makes me happy that you're enjoying things so much there. It must be nice being called a student again!The little dresses are gorgeous!


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