Tea and Sympathy.

Sometimes when living on your own you have to self administer your own TLC
Suffice it to say what promised to be a lovely girly weekend of wine, laughter and shopping trips turned to great disappointment, mainly in myself in that I had been manipulated yet again, and not least left in the middle of central London in Oxford Street,  on my own at 11 p.m., fortunately I managed to get home safely, thank goodness. Rest assured, I have finally learnt my lessons. 
Never, Again. 
So you’ll understand when I say that I’m feeling a bit sore.  
I cooked supper early because having not got in until very late I sort of missed lunch,  so come early evening my mind turns to tea and biscuits. As a rule I don’t have biscuits in the house and I just didn’t fancy trotting to the corner shop, I felt that, that wouldn’t satisfy me, so I conjured up a bit of comfort baking.
I had a couple of lemons that need using up so thought lemon biscuits would be just the ticket and knocked up a batch of biscuit dough.  Fortunately when packing for London I had included a couple of biscuit cutters as treats to play with – you know what us creatives are like.
 And then I played with shapes and it was fun and amusing and everything I had hoped it would be, just what I needed.
 And soon I had a batch of biscuits,
 And then some more came out of the oven,
 And just a few more.
 And I had bought my very old biscuit tin, found in a car boot for 50p which I had used for seeds at the allotment and found it still sealed well, so thought I would bring it back into use as a biscuit barrel.  Its the type you can pop out a metal can that then dries in the oven which keeps your biscuits fresh.  My nan had one, and I loved shaking (without biscuits in of course) the tin as they have the most delightful sound to them.  So a quick lining with greaseproof at the bottom of the tin and hey presto, a tin full of lemon biscuits, ready for Christmas.  (they won’t last that long)
 I do think its lovely and of course I love the greens and citrus colours.
 Sunday evening treats, but whats that I spy, lurking on my plate.
 I had a little lemon curd left and it made a perfect addition.
 And there has been knitting. I finished a tank top, I do like a tank top, they keep your central area warm without you over heating, quite ingenious really.  This yarn was Thick ‘n’ Thin by Rowan and the pattern was Solstice by Sarah Hatton.  I liked the pattern well enough but when I got into knitting the texture at the top, I really didn’t gell with it.  I didn’t like the pattern and it was awkward to knit, not comfortable, lots of tugging of yarn and tight stitches, so I changed it to double moss stitch and it came on a treat then.  I also didn’t knit around the armholes, feeling that the pattern was better without it.  It seemed odd to want to knit around the arms to produce a ribbed fabric and not the neckline, so I left it as it was and I think I made the right decision, not least because…
 I then had enough wool left over to make a bobble hat, and it fits a treat.  This is the pattern called Nova in the same book Thick ‘n’ Thin Collection.  It suggests you only need 1 ball, you do in fact need 2 and I had enough yarn scraps left over to make a bobble for my hat, it wasn’t in the pattern, I just fancied it.
How’s this for a Selfie?  Lol.

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